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Prevention and Treatment of Volleyball Injury

Volleyball injury, mainly concentrated in the shoulder, elbow and wrist, almost every friend who plays for more than half a year will encounter, so for the “novice” that has gradually recovered, “veteran” how to prevent and improve disease resistance?

A. Prevention of injury
A. shoulder

The main reason for shoulder injury is that when you hit the ball hard, your elbow exceeds the shoulder joint, which causes: 1. Shoulder muscles and ligaments are stretched too long to cause muscle injury. Read More

How did volleyball come into being?

In the winter of 1895, American William Morgan invented volleyball. At that time, he was a sports coach in Hollywood, Massachusetts. The volleyball he invented was not as intense as basketball, but it also required the same intensity of physical activity. The sport is similar in composition to baseball, with more than nine innings in a game and only the serving team can score. Each game is served by one of the teams until the server loses three rounds (called outings), and then replaces the service team. After the other side lost three rounds, the two sides exchanged service rights again and started a new game. Read More