HIPHOP Yoga Y7 for Young People

HIPHOP Yoga Y7 for Young People

Listed the younger generation of fitness segmentation hobbies: strength training, fighting and cycling, but it is clear that yoga is not the main representative. The reason is still that yoga that looks less dynamic is more about pursuing the balance of body and mind.

At least from the younger generation, yoga with religious and Indian culture is an older form of training.

The best way to blend yoga into the younger generation is to improve yoga with a boutique fitness studio. The most typical representative of this is the HIPHOP yoga studio in New York – Y7

Y7 tries to break the rules of traditional yoga on many levels. For example, Hiphop music is used instead of chanting, dynamic power yoga is used instead of static yoga, and even immersive sensory experience is used instead of stereo correction.

It seems that Y7 is already a bit like “SoulCycle in the field of yoga.”

This approach may be countered by traditional yoga, but from a realistic perspective, Y7 has begun to find more fans in the millennial generation. In the short span of five years, Y7 has expanded from the earliest forms of flash shops to the current 10 yoga studios in the heart of New York and Los Angeles.

Behind this trendy yoga studio is Sarah Levey, a female founder of the same age. She used a lot of young people to transform the image of yoga. In addition to the HIPHOP, dynamic and immersive boutique studio experience, she uses the community to let users socialize all of this.

As a result, on social networks: no mirrors, dim rooms, HIPHOP, no discrimination has become the core label of the non-traditional yoga studio Y7.

For the younger generation, perhaps these are the yoga studios they want. The new generation of yoga style Y7 may also be a new yoga studio for the younger generation of new generations like the boutiques of SoulCycle, Rumble, Barry’s Bootcamp and Orangetheory Fitness on the streets of New York.

At present, the main social media of Y7 is ins. From the pictures shared by ins, most of the posts are photos of the user’s “punch point” in Y7 studio, which attracts more younger generations of yoga through this form. The practitioners, thus building a brand community, are more conducive to increasing user stickiness.

From the official introduction, Y7’s studio uses dimly lit rooms, filled with candles, and does not have mirrors, which are elements that have not appeared in traditional yoga studios.

The ultimate goal of Y7 to choose such an environment design is to allow users to practice freely during the training process, and to encourage users to focus on their own training without worrying about incorrect or indecent gestures. This is also one of the core concepts of the Y7 brand, promoting the inclusiveness of yoga and focusing on the user experience.

In addition, “No Judement” is also Y7’s understanding of inclusiveness. For the impression of yoga, the public’s first reaction still regards yoga as a kind of female exercise, while Y7 provides this unbiased and inclusive yoga space, allowing more male users to enter the yoga studio.

Whether it is HIPHOP music or product concept, Y7’s biggest feature is to create a new type of yoga studio around the needs of the younger generation of users, perhaps this is the problem that other traditional studios need to face.