The treadmill was originally a tool to punish the prisoner! No wonder I am so painful on the treadmill.

The treadmill was originally a tool to punish the prisoner! No wonder I am so painful on the treadmill.

After returning home from work, I took the equipment and stepped into the gym with a firm pace.Do anaerobic training first, press the leg, rub your arm, lift the iron.

Finally, sacredly stood on the treadmill and ran for ten minutes, ah! I feel that I am thinner.

However, when the time is more than ten minutes, the whole person feels dizzy, and the two legs seem to be filled with lead and cannot be lifted.Don’t worry, this reaction is normal, because… a long time ago, the treadmill was used to punish the prisoner!

1  Speaking from “torture”

This matter has to be returned to around 1800. At that time, the British punishment for prisoners was relatively simple and rude, either death penalty or corporal punishment, and did not pay attention to the labor reform of the prisoners. Therefore, relevant social groups stood up and called for prisons. reform.

In 1818, a British engineer named William Cubitt invented a treadmill for prisoners, which is the predecessor of the treadmill we see now.

However, you should not think that the prison at that time was really humanized, and that the prisoners were happy to exercise. They just regarded the prisoners as “smashing the shackles”. The prisoners needed to step on the wheels to generate power. These powers are used to grind grain or pump water.

The treadmill used to be a torture device in the UK.

And this “sport” is even more horrible to the criminals than any torture tool, because they need to walk for 6-8 hours a day without stopping, someone has calculated it, so it goes down, which is equivalent to climbing half a person every day. Mount Everest!

In addition, the prisoners themselves can’t sleep well, and often people die because they are overworked. Even more frightening is more than that. In 1824, New York prison guard James Hardie said: “It is extremely monotonous and extremely boring. This is the most terrible thing about treadmills.”

Later, with the development of human rights, by 1898, the British prison law finally defined the “treadmill” penalty as “extremely cruel”, so the prison treadmill gradually withdrew from the historical stage.

2 Really transformed into fitness equipment

Time continues to move backwards, and by 1918, the treadmill has appeared again! But this time it is not used to punish prisoners or “abuse” animals, but to punish “meat.” The treadmill turned into a real fitness equipment, and the shape has become much smaller.


The treadmill began to become a lady’s fitness equipment

Wearing cool, sleek ladies on the treadmill instantly forgot the cruel use of it, and it was full of positive energy. But people who seem to stand on it can’t run, and at most, take a step…

In any case, the treadmill has only embarked on the “right path” from this time and began to use its real use.

In the 1960s, an important figure, Dr. Kenneth Cooper, proposed a theory that changed the way many people exercise: the theory of aerobic metabolism. Since then, running has been considered the best way to exercise, and the demand for treadmills is increasing.


3 The birth of a home treadmill

In 1956, the first truly home treadmill was born, from the most famous treadmill brand Tanturi at the time. Founded in 1922, Tunturi is located in the Finnish coastal city of Turku, where it started to produce bicycles, and then began mass production of indoor fitness equipment.


Three years later, Don Teller produced the world’s first heart rate training treadmill. It is a great initiative to install heart rate monitoring on a treadmill.

Why is it so important? Because heart rate is a key indicator of the state of the human body during exercise. It refers to the number of beats per minute of a normal person in a quiet state, also called a quiet heart rate, generally 60 to 100 times / minute.

In general, the younger the age, the faster the heart rate, the older people’s heartbeat is slower than the younger, and the female’s heart rate is faster than that of the same age. These are normal physiological phenomena. In a quiet state, the normal heart rate of an adult is 60-100 beats/min, and the ideal heart rate should be 55-70 beats/min (the athlete’s heart rate is slower than that of an ordinary adult, generally about 50 beats/minute).

Heart rate changes are closely related to heart disease. If a person’s heart rate exceeds 160 beats / minute, or less than 40 beats / minute, it indicates that there may be heart disease, so if the heart rate is too fast during running, it means that the exercise intensity is too large and needs to be adjusted in time.

Early home treadmill

Now, the treadmill is already a familiar fitness tool.

Compared with the previous treadmills, the current treadmills are more intelligent, and the design is more suitable for the human body’s sports mode, such as using shock absorption technology to protect the knee joint, or intelligently implementing the functions of a personal fitness trainer, sometimes I feel that the treadmill knows my body better than us!

Finally, share with you a few notes about running:

Do not have a chest back, but straighten your waist and keep your body in line;

Do not swing the arms left and right, swing the arms back and forth;

Do not land your feet directly, or put your feet or feet on the ground;

Do not use the treadmill’s armrests too much.

Friends who want to get rid of flesh and blood don’t hurry up. In fact, running can not only lose weight, but also doing some aerobic exercise can also exercise our heart and lung function, improve physical fitness, and make us look younger~

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