Which is the best way to reduce the vibration of treadmill?

Which is the best way to reduce the vibration of treadmill?

Which is the best way to reduce the vibration of treadmill?

The treadmill shock absorber system can reduce knee injury and noise generated by running. At present, various brands of treadmills on the market have good and bad shock absorption. Typically, rubber column shock absorption and air cushion shock absorption are two kinds. From one thousand or two thousand treadmills to tens of thousands of household treadmills, which seem to be similar in structure and material, the shock absorption system can play different shock absorption effects. All these are science and technology, and the good ones are really owned. Brand with a sense of science and technology.



Household treadmill shock absorption is another important parameter after motor and running belt. Whether it is a low-end treadmill of 2000 yuan, a high-end treadmill of 8,000 yuan or a commercial treadmill of tens of thousands yuan, the major treadmill brands spare no effort in promoting their own shock absorption system.

Common terms for shock absorption: rubber column, air cushion, spring, multi-directional composite shock absorption, Mercedes-Benz M6 shock absorption, AIR cloud air shock absorption, magnetic levitation anti-gravity shock absorption, VSC shock absorption, Warcraft shock absorption, wild boar shock absorption, tank shock absorption, and so on. There are various English names for shock absorption, which you can not see but can not understand, I How can we identify the shock absorption of treadmills?


In addition to these false propaganda, is there a real shock absorber system? The answer is yes. International brands such as Aikang treadmill shock absorber system, Qiaoshan treadmill shock absorber system and Reebok have their own professional shock absorber system. These shock absorber systems also have their own terms, but they are not empty, they are really born in the sports laboratory, and they are all worthy of their names. Real science and technology, you do not have to concentrate too much on their design concept, after all, are some proprietary terms, for ordinary runners, a real experience, there will be a clear sense of the difference between them.


Does everyone have to run a treadmill to absorb shock?
The answer is no, treadmill shock absorber may be more demanding for children and middle-aged and elderly people, because these age groups have greater demand for joint protection, and professional trainers like young people or marathon runners, if they are given a treadmill with excellent shock absorber, the effect will certainly not be. That’s good, so the best is not necessarily the best for you.

For so many years in this line, some friends are brainwashed by the description of the network products, come to consult and ask what kind of shock absorber a treadmill is. In fact, the shock absorber of treadmill is a kind of experience. Its performance is always proportional to the price. Good shock absorber of treadmill can not only protect knee joint effectively, but also reduce noise. If 2000 yuan can buy a good shock absorber treadmill, do you still think it’s true?