In 10 minutes Zumba sweating,she changed

In 10 minutes Zumba sweating,she changed

In 10 minutes Zumba sweating,she changed

There are thousands of forms of beauty. Latin American women infiltrate the wild taste into the bones, love freedom, follow their own heart, and the atmosphere without losing tenderness.


This beauty stems from the sparkling brilliance of the Latin American music’s vitality, melody and rhythm.

Since the 1950s, Latin music has gradually gained a foothold in the European and American music markets.

Even Justin Bieber’s Divine Despacito uses a lot of Latin American music elements, with beautiful melodies, making people feel relaxed, comfortable and catchy.

Caribbean beaches, sunshine, Latin music, plus a hot Latin girl can truly appreciate the meaning of life. From music to dance, Latin American mixed culture is infecting the world with unique magic.

It seems to be far away, but it is released in Zumba.

Zumba means “fast and fun sports” in Colombian, a fast-paced aerobic exercise that blends Latin dance.

It contains five basic dance steps:






The arrangement of movements pays great attention to the rhythm and speed of music. It can burn fat efficiently while exercising relaxedly and happily.

One of Zumba’s major features is its large range of movements, full mobilization of the muscles of the whole body, jumping, waving arms, twisting hips, applause, shaking head, closely following the music rhythm, just like jumping disco, a consumption of 700 calories at a time, burning fat “fast, accurate, ruthless”, to make you the most beautiful woman in the village. .